Workshop on Well-being: Matters that matter on 28 August 2021

Hello! Greetings from the IISc Wellness Centre!

The CoViD-19 pandemic has also brought with it various difficulties that is affecting our well-being. And especially after the deadly second wave, those problems have touched all of us in one way or another.
All the time well-being is very important for each and every person in the society. Well-being integrates mental health and physical health resulting in more holistic approaches to disease prevention and health promotion. Well-being includes the presence of positive emotions, the absence of negative emotions, satisfaction with life, fulfillments and positive functioning. There are different types of factors which are influencing the well-being of a person, So if we are able to understand those areas and manage, it will be helpful for us to improve our well-being. The current pandemic situation also has negative impact on our well-being. 
So IISc Wellness Centre, are organizing a mini workshop, Well-being: Matters that matter, to help you to understand the concept of well-being, factors influencing well-being and what can be done to improve well-being.
The speakers for this workshop are:
  1. Dr. Noufal Hameed, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Thanal Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences (TARS) Kerala and Consultant Counselling Psychologist, Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIM-K).


Muhammed Rashid
Wellness Coordinator

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