Interactive Session titled “Alone in the crowd”

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Greetings to all from Empaths – peer support group of IISc!

As a part of our outreach activities, we are pleased to bring to you an interactive session with Dr. Ajit Bhide – Alone in the crowd!

Empaths – Peer Support Group @ IISc

This event is open for all students, project staff, etc. Please spread the word.

Title: Alone in the crowd! An interactive session on Relationships.

Time: 7th of March, 3.00 pm.

Venue: Faculty Hall.

Abstract: In an age of fantastic technological developments, super-fast communications, boundless sources of information and entertainment, one casualty has been the realm of relationships. Friendships develop but quite often, they fail to remain and consolidate. Family ties are often not strong enough and there can be myriad reasons for this. Young people, in an age of multi-cuisine catering, are left with a bewildering set of options in the area of romance, intimacy and sexuality. A few unfortunate ones, too shy to take an initiative, get left out or left behind. Loneliness may be considered an epidemic phenomenon in today’s world. However, it must be acknowledged that not all loners are unhappy being that way. Then there are relationships in the workplace, in the academics, where power gradients exist and can make for potential crises.

This session will review the nature and importance of relationships in various domains (including relating to oneself!), how healthy relationships need to be formed, nurtured and sustained and how relationships that have gone wrong might be set right.

Biography of Dr Ajit Bhide:

Dr. Ajit V. Bhide is currently the head of the Department of Psychiatry and was formerly the head of Family Medicine at St. Martha’s hospital in Bengaluru and a psychiatrist in private practice. He is an alumnus of the St. John’s Medical College and NIMHANS Bengaluru and has served as a faculty in both the institutes. He was the past president of Indian Psychiatric Society (National, South Zone and Karnataka) and past president and founder of Indian Association of Private Psychiatry (Karnataka Chapter). His areas of professional interest include: Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Preventive Psychiatry, Media and mental health, Medical ethics, Psychiatric Rehabilitation. His other interests include: Literature, creative writing, History, music (particularly Indian History and music), performing arts and quizzing.

We hope to see you all there! This event is open for all students, project staff, etc. Please spread the word.

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