An Interactive Session titled “Quarantine Connection” with Psychologist Shridhar

Dear All,

IISc Wellness Centre announces an interactive session titled

“Quarantine Connection”

By Shridhar, Psychologist, IISc Wellness Centre.

Date and time of online session25th June, Thursday, 6 PM.

Please register and send your questions/queries by filling up the form by Thursday, 12:00 noon.

Note that email addresses are collected only so that registered participants will receive a Microsoft Teams link to attend the session. All the questions posted will be addressed anonymously.


On the session: For last three months, the very first sentence we read in any email (agreed, lot of emails!) is – “Hope you and your family are doing well at this crisis time”. We hope the same  . But we also understand that could be very tiring to read over and again and often, overwhelming! The beep of the smartphone with an email on outlook can trigger the worst of anxieties for many!

We all acknowledge that this period is challenging and difficult for almost everyone but it can become extremely overwhelming at times. Even resuming work and defining  a new normal in such a dynamic and volatile situation might be more of a challenge than expected.

It is essential that we don’t lose a sense of connection and closeness with our near and dear ones. But, it’s rather more imperative that we don’t disconnect from ourselves. It is important that we are compassionate and non-judgmental. With some understanding and care, we can, in fact, bring out our best positive self. We must acknowledge that we all have what it takes to not only survive the quarantine, pandemic or our mental health issues but thrive in the midst of a crisis. Every adversary brings with it an opportunity for us to be a kinder, gentler and more compassionate version of ourselves!

In that spirit, we are here for you with an interactive session. We will be having a virtual interaction session called with our psychologist Mr. Shridhar B. G. This session will focus on how being in the quarantine can affect one’s mental health adversely, how we can cope with it and perhaps use this time positively. The session will also tell you stories of students who successfully completed their quarantine period – what helped them and what did not!

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