We have two consulting psychiatrists who visit the Health Centre two afternoons a week for the campus community. Contact the Health Centre to get an appointment.

In addition, we also have two clinical psychologists, who are available on all working days and on Saturdays at Faculty club.

Dr. V. A. P. Ghorpade

Visiting psychiatrist, Wellness Centre Committee

Consulting hours: Monday to Friday between 3 and 4 p.m.

It is preferred that consultation will be better with appointment instead of walk in On Holidays I do not visit.In case of emergency I visit depending upon the situation.

I have a Masters in Psychological medicine degree from NIMHANS, and a Diploma in psychological medicine from Madurai Kamraj University.  I am in the field of Psychiatry Clinical, Research and Teaching for the past 37 years. My main interests are Psychotherapy, Sexual medicine and General Psychiatry.

Dr. Vyjayanthi Subramaniyan

Psychiatrists, Wellness Centre Committee

Consulting hours: 2 – 5 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ Health Centre

Dr. Vyjayanthi Subramaniyan is currently an Associate professor in the department of Psychiatry MS Ramaiah Medical College and Hospitals. She is an alumnus of Bangalore Medical College and NIMHANS. She is the recipient of the Dhruva Kumar award by the Indian Psychiatric Society. Her areas of Professional interest include: trauma and neuronal changes, adult survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, depression and suicide prevention clinic.