Providing Help


When one comes across a person with depression who might be a close friend, a loved one or even just an acquaintance, they must be careful about NOT doing specific things. These include –

  • Being judgemental when listening to their concerns
  • Giving reckless advice or trying to replace professional help
  • Preaching one’s own philosophical believes included but not limited to religion, to a vulnerable and susceptible person.

Rather, one should focus on being a patient and supportive listener and try to help them seek professional help. Another way, people can provide support is by indirectly helping them go on with their daily activities. E.g. taking them out for food or a walk, accompanying them to their workplace etc. Instrumental support can greatly help those who are fighting depression. It can become exhaustive and can trigger your own issues, especially when dealing with a partner or a family member going through depression. Seek support from a therapist, family and friends, take care of your own needs and if required, involve yourself in the therapy sessions of your partner or a family member.