Sudipta Nayak

PhD student, CeNSE Department

Sudipta is a PhD student from CeNSE, the Division of Interdisciplinary Research. He is also one of the volunteers in the peer support group Empaths and wants to pursue activities for the better mental health of IISc students.

 Aindrila Saha

PhD student, Department of Microbiology and Cell Biology.

Aindrila is a PhD student in MCBSL, from the Division of Biological Sciences. She has actively participated in various activities to support the cause of better mental wellbeing on campus. Apart from being one of the admins of IISc survivor diaries, she also pursues art in her leisure time. 

 Sudeb Ranjan Datta

PhD student, Department of Physics

Sudeb is a PhD student in Physics, from the Division of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Sudeb is also an Empaths volunteers and is keen to work with students to improve mental health of the campus community.

Past student members: Rakshita Joshi, Ezaz Ahmen and Ankur Shringi.