Panel Discussion: Childhood sexual abuse and its effect on mental health: 26th Dec (Saturday) at 4 pm

Hello everyone!  Greetings from the IISc Wellness Centre.
We are pleased to organize a panel discussion on ‘Childhood sexual abuse and its effect on mental health‘ to sensitize ourselves as well as to get answers to our specific queries.
Date and Time: 26th December, Saturday, 4:00 p.m.
About the event: According to data by the National Crime Record Bureau, a total of 109 children were sexually abused every day in India in 2018. With the COVID lockdown this year, the statistics are expected to rise even more. Such a traumatic event can have lifetime implications for the survivor besides the damage done immediately. Most often, children do not get help and it is in their adulthood that certain aspects begin to trouble them.
Here is a chance to ask questions and know more about this malaise that plagues the world. In this event, we have invited experts who have helped many survivors to deal with this ordeal.
Our panellists are:
        Dr John Vijay Sagar Kommu, Professor and Head, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NIMHANS
        Dr Vyjayanthi Subramaniyam, Consultant psychiatrist, Indian Institute of Science.
Submit your questions regarding the theme in this form (before and during the event): click here to ask anonymously
For joining the teams meeting: Click here to join
There will be brief introductions by the experts on the topic, and then your questions will be answered. There will also be a chance to ask questions directly to the experts during the event. The panellists will dedicate most of the time to address specific queries you have. We will try to cover as many queries as possible within the time available.

The event will be recorded and uploaded in

Thanking you
Empaths @ Wellness Centre

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