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Dear Friends,

Greetings from IISc Wellness Centre. We at IISc wellness centre are striving to improve mental health services available to our community. We thank everyone for providing valuable feedback. This is a periodical email to create awareness on various facilities available via IISc Wellness Centre for the campus community. 
1) 24 x 7 emergency call servicefor anyone needing to talk to a mental health professional (Phone number: 080-47113444)

2) 24 x 7 online counselling and support via YourDost platform. Further details on how to use online counselling are described here: https://wellness.iisc.ac.in/index.php/online-counselling. Note that you can also schedule an appointment with the same Expert so that you have continuity in your consultation.
3) IISc has recently appointed two wellness coordinators, with experience in handling a variety of situations: https://wellness.iisc.ac.in/index.php/wellness-coordinators/They stay on campus/hostel and act as the first point of contact for any crisis situations and will escalate if necessary. Apart from handling crisis situations, they help in promotion of mental well-being. Hostel wardens, department wellness committees, students living in hostel, etc are encouraged to contact and coordinate with them.  

4) One-on-one counselling with psychologists on the campus, available via appointment here: https://wellness.iisc.ac.in/index.php/committee/consulting-psychologists/

5) One-on-one counselling with psychiatrists on campus, available via appointment: https://wellness.iisc.ac.in/index.php/committee/consulting-psychiatrist/

6) Recently, we have introduced a new panel of external consultants whom the IISc members (students, faculty, permanent staff) can access directly without any referrals. Please visit this link to know contact details of approved external consultants. Note that: a) Any IISc member (student, faculty, permanent staff) with an ID card can avail the facility.   
b) No need for referrals. A proof of IISc ID is sufficient.   
c) Doctors/counsellors can send the bills to IISc once a month. IISc shall directly reimburse the consultation fee to doctors/counsellors.   
d) Students have a reimbursement cap of Rs 8000 per year for mental health consultations; the first consultation is capped at Rs 1250/- and subsequent ones at a maximum of Rs 1000/-   
e) Prescriptions: IISc members can take any medical prescriptions (given by the above-approved list of external consultants ONLY) to the pharmacy (Frank Rose) on-campus and avail 20% discount. They can then submit the bills for reimbursement using the regular procedure at IISc Health Centre. 

Many of the above external as well as on-campus experts accept online appointments via video calls or phone calls. Please see our website for their contact details: https://wellness.iisc.ac.in/index.php/committee/
7) Each department has a Departmental Wellness Committee — comprising of two faculty and two students. If you are not aware of the details, please contact your department Chair (or write to us). 
8) Resources and links to videos of the events hosted by IISc’s Wellness Centre, including yoga sessions and panel discussions by psychiatrists on managing stress (will be updated with event recordings as and when they happen): 
9) IISc Wellness Centre website: https://wellness.iisc.ac.in/

Please send any queries/feedback to support.wellness@iisc.ac.in or anonymously from the website (https://wellness.iisc.ac.in/index.php/contact/)

Best wishes,

IISc Wellness Centre Team

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