Looking after yourself during Covid – 19 outbreak

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the IISc Wellness Centre.

With the campus shut down to prevent the spread of Covid, with many of you back home and several probably staying alone, the entire situation can be overwhelming and worrying. In these difficult times, it is extremely important to manage our mental health.

First of all, please note that all the IISc facilities for your psychological well-being continue as before even during the lockdown. They are listed at the end of this email. 

Here are some general pointers and tips to all members of the institute, especially the students.

Most important thing is to remember that the isolation/lockdown is temporary. You can still connect to your friends and loved ones through social media, phone calls, video calls, etc; remember that you are not alone. 

If you are working from home, you may find it difficult to set to a new routine. Again, remember you are not alone in this. The key is to plan a new routine that is realistic, and you feel productive. Try allocating specific hours for working, physical activities, and for breaks in between to relax. Try to stick to your schedule. 

Avoid news updates and social media throughout the day – this is almost surely a recipe for panic, especially with constant updates on the pandemic. Instead, allocate specific times of the day to check news and social media, as part of your schedule. 

During your scheduled work time, disconnect entirely from the internet if possible, or block specific websites that you have a tendency to login to.

It is important to make time for relaxation and physical activities as part of your schedule. You may use breathing techniques if you are familiar, or by engaging yourself in some activities that you enjoy. Be regular with your physical activities. 

Always fact-check, avoid panic and rumours regarding the spread of Covid. Please do follow the guidelines given by the authorised and verified information only and visit the physician if you notice any symptoms. 

COVID-Specific Resources: Check the resources at Centre for Disease Control, USA or Mental Health Foundation, UK for coping with Anxiety and Stress during COVID. You may also check out this website on what activities can do, which may also be useful in case there is a need to self-quarantine.

—-Here are our regular resources available (on-campus and online)—-

1) A 24 x 7 emergency service where anyone in trouble can immediately talk to a mental health professional: 

NUMBER: 080-47113444
This number can be used by any student, faculty and staff of IISc. Please save this number on your mobile phones. STRICT CONFIDENTIALITY WILL BE MAINTAINED for all calls received. 
2)24 x 7 online counselling: Go to this page to know full details of how to login:  https://wellness.iisc.ac.in/index.php/online-counselling/ (Note: there was an error in one of our previous communication; it is rectified and detailed instructions are given in this link).
3) One-on-one counselling with Psychologists (Mon-Saturday) and Psychiatrists (on select days): https://wellness.iisc.ac.in/index.php/committee/consulting-psychologists/
4) Wellness centre website:https://wellness.iisc.ac.in/ –  where we will maintain various resources related to the mental health on campus. This is (and will be) a work in progress. 
If there is any problem or feedback, you can use the website to provide anonymous feedback. If you would like a response, please write to us at: support.wellness@iisc.ac.in or any member of the wellness centre team (listed on the website). 

With best wishes,

IISc Wellness Centre Team

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