Ask The Experts : An interaction session with psychiatrists on 29th August, 2020

Greetings from the IISc Wellness Centre.
We have received overwhelming responses from the audience in our previous events. We think that conversations on mental health issues must continue. To take this further, we have come with a new interaction series – Ask The Expertsstarting this Saturday, 29th August, 4.00 p.m. This session will have consulting psychiatrists as our panellists who are also a part of the IISc Wellness Centre.Date and Time: 29th August at 4 pm. 

About the event: Just because one is not mentally ill does not mean one is necessarily mentally healthy. It’s not uncommon to find ourselves being apathetic to the emotional well-being of ourselves as well as others. Take a few moments to reflect on the following questions. Do you often feel stressed, anxious, and unable to manage your commitments? Are you really living your life to the fullest or always find something missing? Do you have some long-standing doubts about mental health? Or due to some unknown reason you persistently feel low and disturbed for a prolonged period of time? Ever wondered how someone battling depression can look cheerful or anxious person appear confident? Is there more to procrastination than the perceived laziness? How many of us are really successful in building meaningful relationships? There are so many of these questions that we seek answers for. Maybe some have a lingering doubt but do not know the questions to which we seek answers. Whatever your query or doubt is about mental well being, feel free to open up and ask. Use this opportunity to get the answers from those who understand these issues better i.e. mental health professionals. Answer to your query may help many.

The panelists include:       
Dr. Ajit Bhide, Consulting Psychiatrist
Dr. V.A.P. Ghorpade, Consulting Psychiatrist       
Dr. Vyjayanthi Subramaniyam, Consulting Psychiatrist

We will accept questions before and during the event and will try to cover as many as possible within the time available. The Ask The Experts will be a monthly event, on the fourth Saturday of every month. Questions not covered in a particular session will be taken up in the subsequent sessions.

Thanks and best regards,
Empaths@IISc Wellness Centre

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